Let’s remember the golden singers from the past:- Cora Marie

Cora Nell was born on 3 January in 1953.She grew up in Springs. Her childhood years was very challenging. She grew up in a orphanage due to her father that passed away when she was a year old.

At the age of 17 she started to work as a receptionist at the South Afican Army. Cora always had a passion for music and singing, and she started to participate in Tallent competitions while working as a receptionist. While participating in a tallent competition she was noticed by a young record producer- Corrie Myburgh. Cora introduced herself to him and told him that she wants to record a album. The record producer advised her that she was not ready to record.

This did not stop Cora from recording her first single. In 1976 she recorded her first single- Hasta Manana (Song from Abba).

Cora lost contact with Corrie Myburgh, but they reunited in 1979, and after developing a friendship they got married in September of 1979.

Her Dubet Album “Lang Verlang Kontrei” was released in 1980 with the hit “Gee haar ‘n roos”. It wasn’t long before every south african knew who Cora Marie was.

She was also the first “Afrikaans Country Singer”. Her fans and friends referred to her as “Bossiekop” because of her unique hairstyle.

Cora Marie released a album every year and she performed with well known artist like Min Shaw, Virginia Lee, Lance James, Bobby Angel, Clive Bruce, Sonja Herholdt and Kupido.

She made a couple of duet albums with Johan Wessels (Better known as Kupido).

In 1990 Cora’s hair started to fall out and the doctors said that it was due to stress.

She still continued with her concerts.

In April 1992 Cora was diagnosed with cancer. She had two major operations to remove the cancer. In 1993 Cora’s cancer was in remission and she started to get better.

Her cancer returned, and on 3 January 1994 she celebrated her last birthday- Her 41st.

She always had the dream of recording a gospel CD. Her dream came true when she recorded her Gospel CD “U wil sal geskied” in her sickbed.

Cora’s brother Bobby Nell and his wife Hanlie Nell stood by her through her struggle with cancer, and took care of her day and night.

Cora Marie passed away on 08 July 1994 at the age of 41.

Have look at one of her best golden oldies:- Cora Marie – Sonbrilletjies met Al Debbo

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